We run the project, tentatively called "Augmented Reality" and invite everyone to participate in it. This is the first project that works on the European and American practice. About communicated openly and recruited people on request, on a test basis, where the first place creative. So I'm glad that we do not have the budget, and we make a film on the creative part of the money that we find for the project will be a tool to overcome the technical problems.

Project Augmented Reality  is a film lasting about 90 minutes, the classic film with a minimum of computer graphics. The format of the project UHD, because FullHD, is no longer relevant and is often greater competition naturally focus on European television channels 4K, on the Voice actor in two languages.

The project needs creative people with earnings as at the time of payment will not work, or they will be minimal, strongly minimal. Hence, the motto is: maximum quality for minimum money. If the project finds the necessary funds for the whole movie, there will be problems with the payment, if you do not find all the means, the payment will be a percentage of the contract. If the project will make money in a year or two, then you get the money under the contract at the time of receipt. 

Project Augmented Reality  has three objectives:

  • immediate goal: Take part in the revival of the film industry in Ukraine and announce a new film studio ready, aise the skills of the project team, or learn new, thanks to the first film to receive funding for the second film, and the first will be the festival;
  • next goal: Film sell and make a profit, that gives us an opportunity to pay off all, who wants to take part in the work on the film;
  • goal in the distance: sell the rights to rent the movie, which gives us the opportunity not only to pay off with participating in the work on the film, but to make a profit to work on the next project.

The project will last for 1-3 years, depending on how quickly gather a team and how to successfully take place milestones. If you have time to spend time filming this year, the project will take about a year, if not, during the filming moved to the next year. The project consists of three main stages: preproduction (preparation for the shooting period), production (filming period), post-production (processing of footage to finished film). At each stage needs its experts.

Preproduction phase will require:

  • artistic director
  • financial producer
  • executive producer
  • director of operator
  • director costume
  • their assistants
  • lawyer

Stage production:

  • operators
  • sound engineers
  • fixtures
  • actors
  • make-up artists
  • workers on site
  • Since service

Stage post-production:

  • film editor
  • voysery
  • composer
  • CG

The list will be replenished as needed with new vacancies. One and the same person may engage in two or three responsibilities. The main thing is that the work does not suffer from this. Please take into account the geopolitical realities in deciding to participate in the project in some roles that would not cause unnecessary problems.For example, the financial producer can be from any country, the main thing that he had the necessary outputs to chambers of commerce and private financiers, he will not be present on the set, but the executive producer is necessary to be on the court, so he must have easy access to her.

Further plans have come far, there are currently plans for 8 films, so that participants from this project can then by the full or partial, and go to the following projects in the portfolio or use the device to another studio.

We ask that all who wish to download the application form and fill it out, send to the address of the studio (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)